Spotify Offers Job to President Obama

Barack Obama has just eleven more days in the Oval Office, but the outgoing President won’t have to look long for another gig. While the world leader’s political expertise is surely his most employable skill, we mustn’t forget his ever-cool persona, his ability to get down, and of course, his excellent taste in music. The latter trait could land him a role with streaming giant. Spotify. Company CEO, Daniel Ek, shared a posting on Spotify’s job board earlier today, and the requirements seem very much suited for the soon-to-be former President of the United States. Check out the tongue-in-cheek offer below, via Twitter.

The brand new, “President of Playlists”, will have to create and curate a number of mixes, maintain and update Spotify’s many popular channels, and must celebrate the diversity of the brand. As for the job requirements, the employee should have spent eight years as a political leader, while having Kendrick Lamar play at their birthday party is also a huge plus.

It’s safe to say that this job was obviously built for the President as a joke, but as outlandish as it sounds and impossible as it seems, let’s imagine how amazing this pairing would indeed be. Before you scoff at the notion of the Prez DJing your day-to-day activities, remember that Obama has already linked up with Spotify to extremely successful results. His smooth Summer Playlist was in heavy rotation this year, as were the dulcet tones of his Night mix. To get a taste of what the “President of Playlists” would sound like, give the collection of songs a spin by clicking on the links above.


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