Wes Anderson Announces New Stop-Motion Movie ‘Isle of Dogs’

Above: The famous director returns to the world of animation

Speak with fans of Wes Anderson, and they will likely claim Fantastic Mr. Fox as the celebrated director’s most underrated film. The 2009 stop-motion adventure was Anderson’s first foray into full-length animation, and it resulted in one of the year’s most delightful surprises. Since the release of Mr. Fox, many wondered if the auteur would revisit the genre, and if so, were left to debate what this return would exaclty entail.

Earlier today, Wes Anderson quietly released an announcement video onto YouTube. The clip details his upcoming project, and also confirmed that it would be another stop-motion animation. Tentatively titled, Isle of Dogs, the new project will feature an impressive cast, full of frequent collaborators. All of Bill Murray, Harvey Keitel, Bryan Cranston, Scarlett Johansson, F. Murray Abraham, Jeff Goldblum, Tilda Swinton, Greta Gerwig, Frances McDormand, and even Yoko Ono, will appear in the flick. The entire crew is listed off in the official release video, courtesy of CrowdRise.

Filming is currently underway in England, although a release date has yet to be confirmed. Anderson is also linking up with The Film Foundation, and raffling off a chance to voice one of the characters in Isle of Dogs. If you’re hoping to land this awesome role, you can visit the campaign post on CrowdRise‘s official website.

While the exciting new movie is likely a few years away, you can soak in all of the deets below, by watching the clip which has since been uploaded on YouTube.

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