Your Holiday 2019 Reading List

Whether you’re looking for a new book to hide in while you avoid the never-ending social obligations of the holidays, or you need a gift for that bookish friend or colleague on your list, we’ve got you covered. Here are some of the best new books of the season, covering history, hockey, humour, and everything in between.

Mindf*ck: Cambridge Analytica and the Plot to Break America
By Chrostopher Wylie
As I’m writing this, this title is sitting at the #1 spot on Amazon’s Culture bestsellers list. Sure to be intriguing, it is written by the man that blew the whistle that triggered the investigation into the Facebook-Cambridge Analytica data scandal. It is a deep dive into the election of Donald Trump, the Brexit referendum, Russian intelligence, and more. 
Buy it here: Amazon | Indigo

The Wagers
By Sean Michaels
This unique, surrealist novel tells the story of Theo Potiris, an unsatisfied grocer by day and a wishful comedian by night. 
Buy it here: Amazon | Indigo

Agents of Influence
By Henry Hemming
This non-fiction tome brings readers back to the turmoil of WWII, and recounts the true story of the Canadian-born MI6 spy who helped bring America into the war. 
Buy it here: Amazon | Indigo

By Mo Rocca
With his popular podcast Obituaries, CBS correspondent and humorist Mo Rocca brings to life the stories of the dead who fascinate him. Now, in hardcover book form, this take-home compilation features brand new essays about sports stars, political masterminds, and celebrities. 
Buy it here: Amazon | Indigo

By Michael Christie
This new novel from award-winning Canadian author Michael Christie covers 100 years of the Greenwoods, a family that lives on a remote island off the coast of British Columbia. As each new generation comes and goes, the trees on the island remain as a constant presence. Overall, the story explores the lies that people tell and the destruction of the natural world. 
Buy it here: Amazon | Indigo

By Ken Dryden
Another Amazon bestseller, this title is ranked #1 in the hockey genre. It tells the story of Scotty Bowman, the legendary hockey coach that took home more Stanley Cups than any other. 
Buy it here: Amazon | Indigo

JAY-Z: Made in America
By Michael Eric Dyson
In this book, professor Michael Eric Dyson positions Jay-Z as a poet among the ranks of Walt Whitman, arguing that the rapper’s skills as a wordsmith are often overlooked.
Buy it here: Amazon | Indigo

By William Gibson
You’ll have to wait a bit for this one (it hits bookshelves January 21) but I promise it will be worth it. Deemed one of the most influential writers of the day, William Gibson’s latest imaginative page-turner tells the parallel stories of Verity Jane, a beta tester for a new AI assistant, and Will Netherton, a Londoner from a century in the future, who looks back on Verity’s pivotal role in coming events. 
Buy it here: Amazon | Indigo

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