Keeping Fit At The Cottage

Brent Bishop explains how to keep fit at the cottage

Cottage season is in full effect, many of us want to escape the city and make the most of it, but don’t let your fitness routine slip just because you’ve left the city. Let’s face it; if you’re at the cottage you’ll likely have a few drinks and fire up the barbecue, but remember that moderation is key when it comes to results. Here is your contingency plan.

Make a Fit Plan

Make a pact to yourself that you will begin your day with at least 30min of exercise. There is no better way to set the momentum of your day than good old-fashioned exercise. Try going for a 30min jog or hike to start your day off with some fresh air. If you’d rather stay around the cottage for your workout, the options are endless. Try this 30min Cottage Fit Workout – minimal equipment required for maximum results!

Hydrate to Moderate

We’ve all heard the importance of drinking 8 glasses of water a day, but taking your hydration seriously at the cottage will pay off. Not only will you likely be exposed to warm temperatures for extended periods of time which promotes water loss, you will also likely have the odd cocktail here and there – adding to the dehydration effect. Try having one tall glass of water between ever beer or cocktail that you consume. The result is two-fold; you will do a better job of keeping your body hydrated and you will also promote the moderation of alcohol intake. 

Better Bad Choices

Burgers, hot dogs, salty and sweet snacks are commonplace when lounging at the cottage. Pre-planning with a healthy-minded grocery trip can allow you to enjoy and indulge a little but also set you up for success by preventing gorging!  During your grocery-shopping try to make BBC’s (Better Bad Choices) when it comes to the decadent and savory food cravings. Making choices like reduced fat beef burgers or turkey burgers, baked or kale chips instead of fried versions can make a big difference in the long run. Additionally, make a pact to include salad or veggies with each meal and limit yourself to one serving of meat and carbs.

Active Leisure

Now here’s the good news – you now have an excuse for leisure time; but don’t just sit around, get active. Fun, calorie-burning activities at the cottage are endless. Try to organize a group hike, swimming challenge, trail bike ride or just a regular daily nature walk into your daily cottage routine. Enjoy nature while you’re out of the city and get active at the same time, this will do wonders for stress and help you burn some extra calories that you may consume during your stay.

Try implementing these simple suggestions during your next cottage trip; you’ll be surprised how you remain relatively health conscious while cottage-bound and return to the city without gaining a pound!

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