Technology Changes The Health Benefits Game: League

Above: Kobo founder Mike Serbinis launches health-care start up
Technology Changes the Health Benefits Game: League

We are living in an era in which every traditional industry seems to be undergoing rapid changes due to technology. So one has to wonder why things like employee health benefits seems so antiquated. Pick your package, pay your premium and then spend countless hours filling in forms to be reimbursed for your benefits. Just be sure to use it all up before the end of the year or fear losing it all. And most of us do lose them; did you know that over 80% of traditional employee benefits in North America go unused? Fear not, all of that is changing thanks to a new tech upstart from the founder of Kobo called League. Colloquially called the Uber of healthcare, League is making the whole process more user-friendly and all on your smartphone.

The company has already launched in Toronto, Vancouver, Seattle, New York, Boston, and Los Angeles, with many more cities In North America rolling out in 2016. Available via an app or the web, League focuses on preventative healthcare and enables its users to find nearby health professionals nearby, book their appointments and pay via the app using their existing benefit plan.  Companies can even set up their own customized healthcare benefits for their employees and include non-traditional benefits like gym memberships, personal training, nutritionist and many other emerging healthcare fields. Of course they handle dental, medical and eye care as well.

Look for League to expand into your city in the near future.

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