Top 10 Fitness Accounts To Follow On Instagram

Follow these athletes online to get you motivated to head to the gym

Nothing will make you drop a bucket of the colonel’s fried chicken quicker than seeing an image of a perfectly honed physique online. To give you motivation and inspiration to hit the gym when the couch feels the most comfortable, we’ve rounded up some of the best fitness accounts on Instagram to get you pumping iron like Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Carson Calhoun @carsonclaycalhoun

One of the most important elements of a well-rounded workout is stretching and no other activity does it better than yoga. Yogi Carson Calhoun’s press up handstands and arms balances reveals the importance of flexibility and engaging your core to achieving a flawless practice on and off the mat.

Cory Gregory @musclepharmpres

From coal miner to gym owner, fitness model and author, Cory Gregory constantly pushes himself to the physical limit. His online photos capture his workouts and his videos are also pretty bad ass, benching pressing 400lbs at one point!

Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson @therock

If you want to know what The Rock is cooking up in the gym then head over to his Instagram account. Although semi-retired from professional wrestling, the actor takes his fitness very seriously posting photos of his jaunts to the gym, in addition to inspirational quotes to get you moving.

Kyle Clarke @kyleclarke

This former US army captain, current fitness model, actor and athlete has graced the covers of magazines such as Inside Fitness, Iron Man and Muscle Fitness. Clarke’s best moments online are his Instagram videos sharing workout tips and exercises with followers.

Jason Khalipa @jasonkhalipa

You’ve seen Jason Khalipa rock the CrossFit Games now peep what this athlete and business man is up to 24/7. He proudly posts photos of this business NorCal CrossFit, family and, of course, workouts. Front squat at 400lbs. Check!

Jon Pera @jon pera

Crossfit athlete Jon Pera takes advantage of Instagram’s most useful feature, posting videos of his grueling workouts at the gym. Peep Pera’s clean and jerks, upside down handstands and deadlifts for inspiration.

Lazar Angelov @lazar_angelov_official

Angelov is an online fitness trainer and body builder who inspire followers with motivational quotes and pictures of his and his clients’ rock hard bodies.

Luke Rockhold @lukerockhold

Mixed martial artist and former Strikeforce Middleweight Champion Rockhold is a no holds barred type of Instagrammer; bloody toes, prepping for UFC Fight Night 35 and the occasional game of ping-pong rounds out his fitness routine.

Neal Maddox @nealmaddox

Neal Maddox is the third Crossfit Games athlete to make our top 10 list of fitness accounts on Instagram. This four-time competitor is one of the best in the world and has the physique to show for it. Online you’ll see him going 110 percent, training in the gym and in the great outdoors.

Scott Panchik @scottpanchik

He’s only 26 years old but Scott Panchik is quickly making a name for himself in the crossfit world placing fourth in the 2012 and 2013 Crossfit Games. Sport and fitness is a lifestyle choice for Panchik and you’ll see him doing laps in a pool before heading to New Zealand or doing front squats with a 365lbs barbell.

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