Train Right This Race Season

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Lace up your runners, its race season. Whether you are training for a 5k or for a marathon, it’s time to get your heart pumping. Running is a great workout, but, it can be hard on the body. The next time you’re pounding the pavement, keep in mind these training tips:

Stay hydrated

When you sweat, your body loses fluids at a rapid pace. Replenish fluids by drinking plenty of water. This prevents dehydration and helps you maintain performance.

It’s quality over quantity

Aim to run at least three times a week. Each run should have a different focus. For instance, working on increasing distance at a comfortable pace or interval training, where you alternate pace and run up and down hills.  Practicing running at “race pace” is also critical.

Fuel your body

Maintaining a balanced and healthy diet is so important to your overall health and performance. A mix of fruits, veggies, healthy fats, complex carbs and protein can help you maintain your energy throughout the day and maximize recovery post-workout. (Brent’s tip: PowerBar’s Performance Blends are made with real fruit and are an ideal fuel choice before and during your workout.)

Set goals, stay motivated

A great way to maintain motivation is to set goals. Pick a race to motivate you keep lacing up your shoes every day. Keeping a few playlists on hand or working out with a buddy can also help you achieve fitness success and get you excited to train. (Brent’s tip: Sporting Life‘s 10k is on May 11th and it’s a great way to get you moving. Plus, all of the proceeds raised go to Camp Oochigeas, which offers camps year-round for children with cancer.)

Strength training

Try adding a little strength training to your fitness regime. Targeting your core, legs and glutes can actually make you run faster. Strength training can also decrease your risk of injury and get your body in balance, so you are in top shape to run your race.


Mix up your workout routine. By choosing different activities like spinning or swimming, you can give the joints and muscles used in running a break. Cross-training ups your cardio and can help make you a better runner.

Stay motivated by keeping your workout fresh

Mix up your music and your workout routine to stay motivated. Keep your workout fresh by creating playlists for different moods and workout intensities. Use fitness apps to track your progress over the course of your workout regime and look to your fitness idols on Instagram or Facebook for daily inspiration. Simple actions will get you more excited to train and more motivated to stay consistent. (Brent’s tip: HTC‘s new One M8 smartphone can help keep your fitness goals in focus. Dubbed the “best selfie camera”, the wide-angle lens captures more of you, while the premium audio will help keep you in the zone.)

Train for the race you’re running

Is your race mostly uphill? Add in some hills to your daily run. Is the race flat? Make sure you are training on flat roads.

Prevent and treat your injuries

Swelling, inflammation, pain and infection are all common injuries for runners. Products that increase microcirculation can be helpful to speed up recovery. (Brent’s tip: Lymphdiaral from Pascoe Canada is a homeopathic treatment to be used preventatively or for treatment to increase microcirculation and noticeably speed up your recovery.)

Intense exercise and elevated stress levels increases acidity in your body’s muscles and tissues, decreasing function and making recovery more difficult. (Brent’s tip: Products, which restore alkaline balance in your body, like Basentabs pH-balance Pascoe can be helpful to improve muscle recovery time, enhance optimal performance and allow you to get back to the activities you love.)

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