Real Men Know How To Wallpaper

Above: There are new wall coverings that are a much more interesting alternative to paint

Real men know how to wallpaper, or at least they know how to pick out great wallpaper and hire a contractor to do it for them.  Every couple of years, design gurus announce that wallpaper has made a comeback and yet they parade out the same old tired designs. But this time around, wallpaper is back and it has changed thanks to the merging of artistry, new technologies, and better paper. We even refer to it as wall coverings now. These new wall coverings are a much more interesting alternative to paint. And they are cooler.  Try it in a front hall or bathroom if your budget is restrictive as these can be pricey works of art.

Here is a rundown on brands you need to know.

Timorous Beasties
This Glaswegian studio’s work embodies a unique diversity of pattern; designs are influenced by the golden age of copperplate but with chic irreverence.

Calico Wallpaper
This studio is influenced by Japanese and Turkish techniques. Drawing inspiration from horizons at dawn and dusk and other natural elements, they create fully modern wallpapers.

This wallpaper company has a focus on artisanal hand-illustrated that are then digitally reworked. And who wouldn’t want to tell someone their wallpaper is called Octopussi.

With a name like that you would expect this Italian wall covering company to be a bit too girly for the average man pad but that would be far from the truth. Many of their wallpapers feature modern, abstract and even gritty patterns.

Paul Smith for Maharam
The well-known menswear designer has created fabrics and wall coverings for design powerhouse Maharam. Look for playful reinterpretations of classic menswear and design elements – it’s exactly what you would expect from Paul.

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