Tips To Maximize Your Closet Space

Above: Tips to organize your bedroom closet (Photo: John Kasawa/Shutterstock)

In recent years, more and more people are moving back into the downtown core of cities, giving up the extra space for the urban lifestyle. But that doesn’t mean you have to give up closet space, you just need to organize it better.

Invest in a closet system

If you are really serious about your wardrobe then you should check out Ikea or California Closets to best maximize your space. The investment will pay off when you sell your condo.

Use all available space

Add in overhead shelves for items you don’t use every day. Invest in drawer units for below the hanging clothes, this is great for socks, underwear and shorts.

Take out the laundry

Try to move your dirty hamper in your bathroom; the dirty clothes smell can permeate your clean clothes when you leave it in your closet. Opt for a hamper that is lined with a laundry bag and has a lid.

Remember the folded items

You can maximize your space with adjustable shelving to store items like t-shirts, sweaters and casual pants. Folding these items will give you more space than hanging them and sweaters will hold their shape better folded than on a hanger.

Add in that extra bar

Most closets only come with one hang bar these days which is great for ladies with lots of dresses but take the time to add in a second pair lower down. This will maximize your space; just remember to half fold your dress pants on hangers.

A place for everything, everything in its place

Be sure to invest in containers of various sizes and organizational items designed for specific items, i.e. cedar tie holders or woven sweater boxes. Felt or leather trays will help corral accessories and cut down on clutter. Also pick up some garments bags for your expensive wool suits and jackets – this will keep them fresh and moth free.

Protect your shoes

This point is worth repeating. Protect your shoes; good shoes are an investment. Custom sliding shoe shelves makes it easy to see all your shoes and makes finding the right pair a quicker process. Alternatively, you can opt for boxes with clear windows so you can tell which box has your favourite brogues and which box has sneakers. Remember to buy shoetrees; these are necessary to put in your leather shoes after you wear them. You do not need a pair for every pair of shoes; they are only necessary for the shoes you just wore as they help the shoes maintain their shape as they dry (from perspiration). Be sure to add deodorizers into shoeboxes.

Treat your closet seasonally

Do you really need all those bulky sweaters in July? Or all those shorts in December? Be smart about storage, invest in under-bed storage boxes and flip our your closet twice yearly based on your local weather.

Air out your clothes

Never put a blazer back into your closet right after you have worn it; not everything needs to be dry-cleaned after one use but it should be aired out. Instead, hang it on a valet for a few hours before returning it to the closet, doing so will stop residual odours from spreading to other clothes in your closet. No valet? No problem, hang it on the back of a dining chair.

Cedar will save you

Get some cedar sachets or blocks to keep out moths and other bugs that will damage your clothes. This does not guarantee any moth damage but it will deter them; better safe than sad about your favourite sweater being moth eaten.

No wire hangers

Invest in wooden hangers, they will last longer and will help your clothes hold their shape better.

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