Lock’em Or Leave’em: Our Predictions For Super Bowl XLVIII

Our predictions for Super Bowl XLVIII
Our predictions for Super Bowl XLVIII

Easy money last weekend as we went far below the posted total and Team Rice handed us a Win in the final seconds, going for a ballsy 2 pt. conversion to grab the W. We are now 24-11 on the season, and we’ve got two picks on one final game: Super Bowl XLVIII  


Only one game this weekend, which gives you two Lock’ems and zero Leave’ems. At the time odds were posted, oddsmakers were giving us a total of 49 pts. At the time of this articles posting, we’ve seen that drop to 47.5 in most sports-books. Denver is currently a field goal favourite, and 55 – 60% of gamblers are thinking that Denver covers the spread. 

Now, let’s examine the weather. For MetLife Stadium on Game day, we’re looking at 0 degrees Celsius with very low chance of rain for kick-off. Neither Manning, nor Wilson has impressive stats in the cold, but Manning still has the edge.

These two teams made it to the Super Bowl, because they are the best at what they do: Denver’s Overall Scoring (1st)  vs Seattle’s Overall Defense (1st). It’s almost impossible to look at Home vs Road stats because both teams are technically “road” teams. However, there is quite a difference, when you look at the inverse: Seattle’s Overall Scoring (8th) vs Denver’s Overall Defense (22nd).

In the past five games, Wilson has only put up 106 pts. – hitting 23 pts. three of those five. He’s seen less-than-impressive stats in his last two outings, and yet both of those were at home where Wilson “should” be most comfortable. On the other side of the ball, Denver’s D has seen an upgrade, holding opponents to a mere 60 pts. in their last four games. Folks, I see a low scoring affair.

These two teams have not seen many recent meetings, and when they have neither rosters had a Wilson, a Manning, a Sherman, a Welker, a Prater, a Beastmode…and the list goes on and on. Either way, Manning has shown nothing but resilience, which doesn’t seem to waver from week-to-week, while Wilson looks to be fading.

Bettors, Lock in Bronco’s to Win + the UNDER. If Mayweather can drop $10 million on the Bronco’s to win, you should be able to scrounge up $20.

Got a lock? Leave it in the comments below. Totally against our predictions? We’d love to hear from you! May you be among winners this weekend!

Jeff Bjarnarson

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