We Tried It: The Cure RX6

Above: The Cure RX6
We Tried It The Cure RX6

Product: The Cure RX6
Who tried it: Golf junkie and AmongMen contributor, Mike Dojc
Retail Price: $229.95
Available: Cure Putters

If putting is causing you the most pain on your scorecard, the RX6 could be the prescription to what’s ailing you on the greens.

Cure putters are best known for their jacked up MOI, a hotly desirable trait in a flat stick. Once your ball starts moving on its intended target line you want it to maintain its velocity and drop in the hole or at least cozy on up to it for an easy tap in. The RX6’s base moment of inertia is 8200 g/cm 2 and with the extended weight kit can be more than doubled.

The RX6, sporting Cure’s distinctive blocky “C” shape offers really incredible forgiveness and stroke stability in the service of facilitating smooth roll consistency. Making square impact at the equator of the golf balls is a cinch and the spiral milled face coupled with aircraft grade aluminum strikes a pleasing sonic note on impact.

A tinkerer’s dream putter, literally everything is adjustable with a myriad of options on the lie angle and weighting. You can even interchange shafts and turn a right handed putter into a left handed putter.

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