Lock’em Or Leave’em: Our Predictions For NFL Week 13

Brady had a 9-4 record against Peyton Manning heading into Sunday night’s showdown. The Patriots took it 34-31.

Happy American Thanksgiving! For week 13 we’ve got some real stinkers vowing to close out their season with a race to the bottom. I’m not sure if these are Locks or guaranteed-to-smash losers. Either way, our NFL analyst and sports bettor, Jeff Bjarnarson, urges you to throw some paper on these three teams and lock down, and then gives you three more to walk away from in NFL’s Week 13.


Let’s right some wrongs and put the Texans where they belong… in the Lose pile. Not only was New England (now 8-3) mighty in their comeback win over the Broncos, but Houston (2-9) is looking real ugly. New England’s Overall Scoring (6th) vs Houston’s Overall Defense (26th). And Tom Brady was just excellent after the half last weekend. Wrap this one up tight with a bow. Take The Patriots!

Second on the docket is a revenge game― the Broncos (9-2) in Kansas City (9-2). Both teams are coming off games they should have won. Not sure who feels worse, the team that was up by 24-0, or the team that lost to the Chargers on home turf. Either way, Denver is 9-2 in its last 11 games on the road, and 4-1 in its last 5 games when playing Kansas City. Take the Broncos as a Lock.

Last Lock― put some down on the Panthers as they welcome the Buccaneers this weekend. Carolina (8-3) is 6-1 in its last 7 games at home, while the 3-8 Bucc’s are 1-4 in their last 5 games on the road. Now, while winning 3 in a row is impressive for Tampa Bay, don’t expect any miracles here against a surging, fiery hot Panther team! Cats’ll win at home!


Has the Kaep came back? Everyone and their sister is telling you to take San Fran (7-4) at home against the St. Louis Rams (5-6). Why are we urging you to leave this game? The Rams are on a small streak, winning their last 2 against Chicago and Indy. Maybe not so impressive, but when you look at the last few years between these two teams (including a rare tie on Nov. 11th, 2012) it seems like a coin toss. Maybe leave this one alone.

Atlanta (2-9) and Buffalo (4-7) face off this Sunday in Toronto. Now, remember, no one is at home, and it’s hard to say who will have more fan presence on Sunday at the Rogers Centre. Buffalo is very hit and miss when visiting Toronto, winning only half of the regular season games played there. Keep in mind Atlanta is atrocious this year. But they haven’t lost to the Bills since ’95. Either way, we urge you to leave this game. It’s really a matter of who wants to lose it the most!

On Monday night New Orleans (9-2) travels west to take on Seattle (10-1). New Orleans Offense (3rd) vs. Seattle Defense (2nd). New Orleans has won 3 straight games. Seattle has won 6. New Orleans, when playing in December on home-turf, are 7-3. Seattle, when playing in December on home-turf, 8-2. Get the picture? I’m watching this game, as it is going to be an amazing offensive shoot-out, but I’m keeping my wallet locked in a safe. Bettors, don’t touch it!

Got a lock? Leave it in the comments below. Totally against our predictions? We’d love to hear from you! May you be among the winners this weekend.

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