Lock’em Or Leave’em: Our Predictions For NFL Week 15

Above:  Philadelphia Eagles vs Detroit Lions at Lincoln Financial Field in Philadelphia, PA on Sunday December 8, 2013

Some teams have secured playoff berth, and others are in-the-hunt. For Week 15, we’re putting a few teams on upset alert. No matter what, our NFL analyst and sports bettor, Jeff Bjarnarson, excels at navigating these troubled waters. Here are three teams to splurge on, and three games to leave, OR take the dawg for a walk!


Much like the Saints in Week 13, the Panthers were abysmal in Week 14. However, just like the Saints bounced back on MNF, we expect the same from the Panthers (9-4) when they host the Jets (6-7) this Sunday. NY Jets are 1-7 in their last 8 games on the road. Geno Smith is having a helluva time finding his receivers, throwing 7 interceptions in his last 4 games. And the Panthers? They’re sitting pretty with one of the best defences in the league vs New York’s Overall Scoring, which ranks 31st. 

Speaking of the Saints (10-3), on Sunday they come marching into St. Louis to take on the 5-8 St. Louis Rams. St. Louis allows 8.4 yards per pass attempt, which is the second-worst average in the league. Expect Mr. “Fastest-quarterback-to-50,000” Brees to exploit every hole in such a bad defence, and leave the Edward Jones Dome with the W.

I don’t want to do it… but I gotta do it. Grab Denver at home as your final Lock of the week. Not only do they have a QB with one of the highest passer ratings, an arsenal of offensive weapons that would make Al Qaeda horny, but Did-You-See Matt Prater hit that 64 yard field goal last week?! It doesn’t seem fair for one team to have so much, while others have so little. Take Denver FTW on Thursday night. Did I need to mention they’re playing the 6-7 Chargers? Nope.


New England looked weak and ugly last week against… The Browns? I’ll be honest, I’m leaving this game. Even though Tannehill is no Brady, and even though New England is 5-0 in its last 6 games when playing on the road against Miami, I just don’t see the Patriots surviving this one. With Gronk out and the fact that the Patriots are 1-6-1 against the spread in their last 8 games on the road. Don’t touch this one!

Has Jacksonville had a tear like this, well, EVER? Winning 3 in a row is some feat for this 4-9 team from Florida. Welcoming the 4-9 Bills should be interesting. Interesting enough to watch? Probably not. Leave this game, and see if curling is on.

In the last 4 games between Baltimore (7-6) and Detroit (7-6), the Home team usually reigns victorious. Will that happen again on Monday night? Toss a coin, my friend! Detroit’s Home Rushing (7th) vs Baltimore’s Road Rushing Defense (7th)… Baltimore is 4-1 in its last 5 games, but 1-4 in its last 5 games when playing on the road against Detroit. This really is anyone’s game at this point. Do yourself a favour, and leave it alone.

Got a lock? Leave it in the comments below. Totally against our predictions? We’d love to hear from you! May you be among winners this weekend!

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