4 Shelf-Worthy Hair Products For Spring

Whether your plans this spring are be outdoors or hit every new hot spot in town, we’ve got your mane covered with these four stylish and no-nonsense hair products.

Short, clean and classic. If you’re aiming for a neatly groomed head of hair (think Daniel Craig as Bond) then you’re bound to love Kheils Creative Cream Wax. It’s non-greasy formula is prime perfect for shaping and hold. After towel drying and parting your hair with a comb, apply a small amount to palms and emulsify before placing in the hair.

If you’re sporting the ever so cool pompadour this spring, you’ll want some lift and hold to keep your hair in check. American Crew Cream Boost, worked into towel-dried hair will keep your pomp standing at attention without the need for too much fuss. Blow dry hair into place with your hands or, if applying to dry hair, be sure to use sparingly. With this stuff, a little goes a long way.

Now that you’ve gotten to a place where growing out your hair isn’t a hassle anymore, you’re chin length hair can flow free. Head hat-free, you’re looking to take it easy in the hair department after months of growing it out. Garnier Fructis Style Beach Hair styling putty is perfect for you to minimize pouf and strays. Once your locks are slightly air dried, apply a small amount to the middle and ends of the hair and work through. Whatever is left on your hands, run around the crown of the head to smooth errant hairs.

You’re not a big fan of products and want your casual hair cut to speak for itself. Consider that your shampoo and conditioner can play a big role in how your hair reacts from day to day. Bangstyle Hydrating Shampoo & Conditioner takes care of dry, flyaway problems at the root. Nourishing your scalp and roots with a hydrating formula means smoother, healthier looking hair, which is always in style. Tip: apply a dime size spot of conditioner to dry, styled hair to calm unruly fuzz.

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