5 Of The Hottest Spring Scents

It’s that time of year to dust off your bathroom shelves and clean out all the old scents of seasons past. The hottest new spring fragrances offer up an array of stimulating scents for every guy. From laid back and relaxed to debonair and decked out, here are the top 5 hottest scents for spring.

Lush Gorilla Perfumes Voice of Reason ($60.05-$90.95, 28-46 ml)

Don’t be fooled by the “perfume” moniker this line carries. It’s a unisex kind of idea, so the scents are never overly musky or pine infused, as with your typical, lesser quality colognes. The new perfumes from Lush Cosmetics is likely the most unique line of scents available right now. Voice of Reason combines sweet Tonka bean with sandalwood and comes out smelling of espresso, cigarettes and whiskey. If you’re the kind of guy that loves to tread off the beaten path, this is right up your alley.

Prada Luna Rossa EDT ($68, 50 ml)

Inspired by the classic prestige of the America’s Cup yacht sailing competition, this scent is a mix of all things strong and clear. On top you’ve got bright hints of bitter orange and lavender, in the middle, mellow sage and mint, and on the bottom, warm ambroxan and musky ambrette. If you’re wearing this scent, you’ve got to wear it with confidence. Luna Rossa’s slogan sums up the America Cup (and their product) with one line, as quoted by Sir Peter Blake: Hesitating after the first attempt is not part of the rules of the game.

Shiseido Zen Sun Eau de Toilette Fraîche for Men ($65, 100 ml, available April 15th)

A new take on the original Shiseido Zen fragrance for men from 2009, this aquatic scent with fruity top notes makes it a go-to for day/office wear. Don’t be nervous about the sweet factor, however. It has a woody finish and a few unusual notes of white pepper and mint that make this elusive but different. It’s a limited edition though, so if you find yourself spritzing liberally, make sure to grab more than one bottle before they are gone.

Playboy VIP EDT For Him ($22, 50 ml)

You might be thinking cheese factor or choke-hold smell but this one’s going to surprise you and please her. At first bright and fresh, it matures to a warm, lax scent. With notes of lavender, white chocolate and rum, this bottle is a pleasure for the senses.

Demeter Fragrance Library Black Bamboo ($29, 1 oz)

Demeter can mimic any scent imaginable and bottle it. The unpretentious (and unisex) Black Bamboo is clean and fresh with spicy notes of bright, warm ginger. This is made for the busy man whose dual personality demands he work hard but ensures he plays harder.

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