5 Reasons Why You Should Wear An Antiperspirant At Night

Above: Nighttime may be the best time to apply antiperspirant

Summer time should be called sweaty time, because while we love being outdoors and enjoying the hot weather, the one drawback to this season is profuse Niagara Falls-like sweating and the foul odour that follows it. Whether you’re walking to work, at the gym, drinking a pint on a patio or driving in your car with all four windows down, summer’s heat usually brings sweat forming on your brow, back and especially under your arms.

How do you combat perspiration? One way is to get a clinical strength antiperspirant – it gives you extra-strength wetness protection because you apply it at night.  Yes, we can see a few of you raise your eyebrows; after all these years of applying antiperspirant under your arms during the day, thinking it’s enough to keep you dry. Turns out applying a clinical strength antiperspirant at night effectively blocks excess perspiration.

We tried out We tried out Gillette’s Clinical Clear Gel Anti-Perspirant, designed for nighttime application and pulled together a few reasons why you should consider changing up your daily routine by sending antiperspirant to the night shift.

Gillette’s Clinical Clear Gel Anti-PerspirantReason #1: Sweat Gland Are Less Active

We sweat to regulate our body temperature; it helps cool us down and re-establish balanced core temperature. So, during the day, when you’re most active your sweat glands are working overtime, like Miley Cyrus twerking on Robin Thicke.

Odour occurs when bacteria, usually found underneath the arm and on the surface of the skin, mixes and multiplies with nutrients. Two sweat glands which contribute to this are: 1) the Eccrine Gland, found on the skin’s surface which produces water and 2) the Apocrine Glands, found in hair follicles which produces water and nutrients. Applying a clinical strength antiperspirant at night, when you’re less active, gives the product time to penetrate into your sweat glands and clog them to stop water/nutrients from reaching the skin’s surface.

Reason #2: Extra Help For Heavy Sweaters

It’s embarrassing to admit, but you carry around an extra shirt (or two) in case you have to do a last minute, midday wardrobe change thanks to your over active sweat glands. If you’ve been a heavy sweater for most of your adult life, you know that excessive sweating can be the cause of many embarrassing moments. Applying a clinical strength antiperspirant at night will help reduce the amount or perspiration you experience during the day, giving you that extra feeling of security as well as peace of mind.

Reason #3: Morning/Daytime-ONLY Application Is Less Effective

Morning/daytime-only application of antiperspirant to your underarms, especially after a shower, actually makes it more difficult for the product’s ingredients to get into your sweat glands and clog them. As mentioned before, your sweat glands are very active during the day so putting antiperspirant on throughout the day will be less effective as you’re already perspiring.

Reason #4: Double Up For Better Daytime Effectiveness

When a clinical strength antiperspirant is applied at night it can actually last up to 24 hours. So, if you wear it at night and then reapply in the morning you’ll double up its effectiveness and create a strong barrier that even the White Walkers on Game Of Thrones couldn’t penetrate.

Reason #5: Product Power

Gillette’s Clinical Clear Gel Anti-Perspirant is tailor-made to be applied at night and can help bring a little confidence to anyone who has struggled with perspiration and odour. It has a triple protection formula – active odour blockers, a transparent dry shield, as well as prescription strength odour and wetness protection – that goes on clear and dries fast which lasts the entire next day. You can find it at most food and drug stores across Canada. Price: $8.99.

* This post was sponsored by Gillette

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