7 Best Face Scrubs For Guys

7 of our favourite face scrubs for guys
7 of our favourite face scrubs for guys

During this blast of freeze season, there is nothing better for your skin than a little hydration. However, if your skin is rough and dry and piling up, your moisturizer won’t necessarily penetrate properly. That means you’ve got to slough off the rough stuff.

Here are seven of our favourite facial scrubs and exfoliants for men.

Khiels: Facial Fuel Energizing Scrub

This invigorating buffer polishes away dead skin cells as well as other impurities with the power of crushed apricot kernels! The blend includes caffeine, menthol, and vitamin E for a reenergized complexion.

Aveda: Botanical Kinetics Exfoliant

Now, this product is actually for the ladies but Aveda is known for soft or scent neutral products, so consider the benefits of this one vs. the fact that it’s a women’s exfoliant.

The Body Shop: For Men Maca Root Face Scrub

A top rated product at The Body Shop, this scrub uses Peruvian maca root and crushed rice as its star ingredients to get your skin ready for either a night out or for the closest shave you’ll ever have. Bonus points go to the vitamin content with A, B and E within its formulation.

Clinique: Scruffing Lotion 4.5

This toner is formulated for all skin tones and, out of this list, is the one exfoliator that is not a scrub. Toner can act as a gentle exfoliator which also refreshes the skin and allows moisturizers to sink in better.

Billy Jealousy: Liquid Sand Exfoliating Cleanser

Combining both cleansing and scrubbing power, this SLS-free products will gently get rid of both oil, dirt and built up dry skin on the face without over drying the skin.

Dermalogica: Daily Clean Scrub

Not every product you use has to labelled as a “men’s” product. Some are as unisex and versatile as the roster of incredible offerings from Dermalogica. This daily scrub contains micro-fine silica beads to do their job and is paraben-free and also contains no artificial colour or fragrance.

Anthony Logistics: Facial Scrub

The more gentle of these scrubs, the spherical beads in this will get rid of the dead skin while the aloe vera, algae and chamomile soothe hydrate the skin for those with a sensitive beard area.

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