About Face: Cliniderm Gentle Protective Lotion SPF 45

Above: Cliniderm Gentle Protective Lotion SPF 45

Who doesn’t love summertime? The warm weather induces your happy hormones, you get to play tennis outside and every single meal can be eaten on a patio. The only downside is your skin. The heat, sunshine and humidity all contribute to excess sweat, dehydration, rashes and even burned areas.

Of course, slathering on the appropriate facial products would help. But you don’t. Who can be bothered when sunscreen makes your face look chalky, creams go on shiny and greasy and all of it makes you break out and none of it is attractive. We hear you. Or rather, Cliniderm, Gentle Protective Lotion SPF 45 does.  

Lightweight and non-greasy, this face lotion is the perfect blend of optimal hydration with sun protection and a side of blemish control to keep pimples at bay. Thanks to titanium dioxide and zinc oxide your skin is protected from the sun’s harsh UVA (aging) and UVB (burning) rays. Rosemary leaf extract creates a barrier against environmental factors like, pollution, exhaust fumes and grime, and fruit oil and aqua infuse your skin with moisture, while hard-to-pronounce dehydroacetic acid and benzyl alcohol keep acne away. Plus, the lotion absorbs really quickly and without a trace of white residue, leaving you with smooth, soft, matte and sun-protected skin.

Cliniderm, Gentle Protective Lotion SPF 45 comes in 75 ml for $32 and is available at drugstores across Canada and at Well.ca.

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