About Face: Frontier Skincare Charcoal Anytime Cleanser

New Canadian men’s skincare brand Frontier states right on their product’s label that their Charcoal Anytime Cleanser can be used any time. And its founders, best friends and former collegiate athletes, Zak Lewis and Andrew MacDonald, mean it.

Crafted with four goals in mind, to be simple, effective, clean, natural and environmentally friendly, the vegan cleanser has been specifically mix-mastered to deeply cleanse and revitalize the skin, while accommodating all skin types, from sensitive and oily to dry and everything in between. The product’s formula includes chamomile and cucumber extracts to calm and soothe irritations from the elements, pollution, stress and shaving. An infusion of Japanese green tea leaf works as an antibacterial and anti-inflammatory to help prevent and heal acne and eliminate excess sebum from the skin, and a hint of menthol provides a refreshing and invigorating scent and feel.

And then there’s the cleanser’s namesake and hero ingredient, charcoal.

A popular choice over the past few years, activated charcoal is favoured in skincare for its ability to draw dirt, grime, oil and toxins from the pores on your face. Used as a cleanser and massaged onto the skin, it works hard to eradicate impurities, clear your complexion and reduce the appearance of your pores. We recommend washing up with it after a hard day at work, a sweaty round at the gym or even, post a Netflix binge session, as it’s end results are cool and clean and can leave you with tighter and firmer looking skin with nary a hint of shine. The added bonus, while you will find a ton of goodness in every squeeze from the Charcoal Anytime Cleanser, you won’t find parabens or harsh sodium lauryl sulfates.

Frontier Skincare Charcoal Anytime Cleanser,  $44 for 237ml, available online at www.frontierskincare.co.

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