About Face: Gillette King C. Gillette Beard Trimmer

Based on the amount of alone, indoor time we’ve had this past year, it’s safe to bet you’ve grown and shaved or maybe even shaped and trimmed a beard at some point…even if it wasn’t your own. No longer reserved for hipster wear, beards are in all their permutations, the must-have, surviving-Covid accessory. Which makes Gillette’s King C. Gillette Beard Trimmer the number one cordless tool you’ll want to have at hand.

Designed with length-trimming versatility to empower you with the ability to create whatever style of beard you prefer, this Beard Trimmer is a combination of precision and technology. The precision part can be found in the three comb attachments. Each one offers different settings to help you trim your beard as close to your facial skin as you like. The Stubble comb provides a fixed length at 1 mm, the Short Beard comb can be used at five lengths, 3, 5, 7, 9 and 11 mm, while the Long Beard comb offers an additional five settings at 13, 15, 17, 19 and 21 mm. You can also remove all of the combs and simply use the trimmers for a 0.5 mm length.

Technology-wise, the Beard Trimmer is cordless, so one full-charge of 10 hours will give you 50 minutes of uninterrupted grooming time. The Trimmer itself is also grounded in Braun trimming expertise to ensure your comfort (it’s nick-free and won’t irritate sensitive skin), safety (no cords to mess with) and outcome (you can create the look you want every single time). Good hygiene is also factored into the equation as both the Trimmer head and the three combs are safe to wash and rinse under water. So really, all that’s left for you to do is decide what shape of beard you want to wear, attach the right comb, select the appropriate setting and start styling.

Gillette King C. Gillette Beard Trimmer, $39.99, available online at www.walmart.ca and in Walmart stores.

Adriana Ermter

Adriana is an award-winning writer and editor. The former beauty director for FASHION magazine and editor-in-chief of Salon and of Childview magazines has hosted beauty videos for fashionmagazine.com, as well as contributed to Men’s FASHION, Chatelaine and chatelaine.com, Flare and flare.com, Huffington Post Canada, National Post, AmongMen.com, thekit.ca, iVillage.ca and thewhaleandtherose.com. She lives in Toronto with her very spoiled feline, Trixie-Belle, and a fantastically large perfume collection.

You may follow Adriana on Twitter: @AErmter and on Instagram: AdrianaErmter.

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