Adidas Releases the Slick New ‘FutureCraft’ Sneaker

Above: The new Adidas trainers are also 3D printed

Following the immense success of their many Boost variants, Adidas is now dropping another knit trainer. Dubbed the FutureCraft, the sneaker reaches new heights in manufacturing technology. Outfitted with web-like casing and a 3D printed sole, the FutureCraft is born of the company’s Speedfactory in Atlanta, Georgia. The state-of-the-art facilities utilize advanced tech and churn out products much faster than competitors, ultimately cutting down the turnout rate by months. As for the sneaker itself, the new runner is all about style and potential.

While the kicks themselves are as cool as ever, the concept behind the FutureCraft is even more intriguing. Adidas hopes that in the near future, customers can walk into a store, scan their foot, and leave with a personalized and entirely unique pair of shoes. The FutureCraft is equipped with a similar silhouette to that of the Ultra Boost, but its entire body is eerily reminiscent of the Nike Flyknit Racer. This latest Adidas shoe adds to the ever-present battle between the two aforementioned brands. Both the Flyknit and Boost lines have made a name for themselves in 2016, with both sneakers dominating streetwear culture.

The FutureCraft is now available in select stores, and will set you back $333 US. For more information, visit Adidas’ official website.

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