Collar Credentials: The Way To Wear A Collar, With Class

Above: Don’t just thank us; thank Zara for the inspiration and images (Photos: Zara)

Collar: a piece of fabric, generally in a band shape, that is located on the neck of an upper garment. Historically designed as a detachable item, now collared shirts are one of the most ubiquitous menswear garments. Though they appear sincerely simple, they possess an element of style perplexity: what place does a collar have in a man’s wardrobe? In order to clear up collar confusion, and reinstate their charm, we’ve highlighted five ways to wear them.


Button-down collars offer the wearer a clean aesthetic. It looks particularly respectable when applied to a more casual variety, seen on Oxford and chambray shirts. If you’re interested in dressing this ensemble up, opt for a blazer and forget the tie—you don’t want look too cluttered around the neck region.

Tuck Under

It’s classic and understated, just like you—or at least how you want to appear. This style practice is one of the most favourable visual merchandising techniques used in menswear retail stores. When tucking, we suggest putting it under a sweater. Now that spring is around the corner, select a sweater that is light in colour and weight.

Place Beside

Tightening the collar and placing it beside the blazer lapels is a detail that won’t go unnoticed. It’s that extra step that advances the outfit from standard to stylish. If the collar is unbuttoned remember to periodically check the status of your collar as it may slip above the lapels (creating quite a different impression).

Up and Out

This is not your average popped collar; we ensure you will not look sleazy or like a frat boy. What’s crucial to the sartorial success is that you pop under another garment. This outer garment should retain a rugged, carefree vibe, preferably an open leather jacket or a sporty zip-up.

No Collar

Wasn’t expecting this one? Well, honestly, neither were we, but collarless shirts are such a growing trend that it wouldn’t feel (or look) right to omit it. With its casual character, it makes for an excellent daytime shirt. Keep accessories to a minimum, as this shirt is a statement in of itself.

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