The Era Of The Silver Fox: Going Grey Isn’t A Bad Thing

The Era Of The Silver Fox: Going Grey Isn't A Bad Thing

In a world where men have become more concerned about their appearance, aging can be seen as a battle to fight. We’re not going to say it’s not the time to step up your skin care regime and gym routine… But here’s somewhere you can just let it go: your hair.

Going grey is something to be embraced not covered over. After all, this is the era of the silver fox, so why not embrace it? Here’s how:

Bring out the best of your grey

As you embrace going grey you may find that your hair starts to look a little lifeless and not exactly like the Clooney silver you envisioned. This is because lighter hair pigments (like blonde or grey) start looking a little dull or brassy from hair deposits.

The solution is simple: switch up your shampoo and get yourself a colour-toning shampoo. May we suggest Redken for Men Silver Charge or American Crew Classic Grey Shampoo? Both contain violet pigments to counteract the brassy, yellow tones that you’ll see and help you get you to a perfect silver. If you’re feeling extra brassy one day, just leave the shampoo on your hair for an extra 5 minutes to let the violet pigment doing some extra work.

Don’t grow out the grey

You may have noticed that as your grey hair grows it, that something feels different. Guess what…grey hair is actually coarser and thicker than the rest of your hair. This may mean that your current preferred hair style isn’t best suited for your hair. We recommend keeping it tight and on the shorter side to help make hair more manageable on a daily basis.Plus, it will help your

Plus, it will help your grey hair look a little more polished and distinguished and a little less mountain man.

Pluck those brows

Just as your hair texture and thickness changes on your head, it’s going to change on your eyebrows. That means you may find longer, coarser eyebrow hairs suddenly appearing out of nowhere.

Pluck the ones that bug you and ask your barber to trim your brows back into a more manageable shape the next time you’re in for a cut.

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