Fragrance Of the Month: Hugo Boss, Bottled Collector’s Edition EDT

Above: Hugo Boss, Bottled Collector's Edition EDT
Above: Hugo Boss, Bottled Collector's Edition EDT

Fashion is a numbers game. And 90-year-old Hugo Boss may just be one of the industry’s best players.

Not only is the German brand the number one purveyor of men’s suits—selling one every 14.6 minutes, 24/7 world wide—they’ve also maintained a 16-year cult following with their 1998 fragrance, Bottled. Add the years of spritzing to the sum total of men sporting their ready-to-wear and, well, that’s just a whole lot of fashionable math. 

But this equation is far from complete. On November 5, a new Collector’s Edition EDT enters the mix.

It’s one part familiar: the eau’s original notes of juicy plum, lemon and apple meet spicy cinnamon and clove and blend into a warm vanilla and soft cedar and sandalwood finish.

It’s two parts unique: 45-year-old Gerard Butler is aligned to the brand (the actor recently replaced Ryan Reynolds in the ad campaigns), lending his rugged masculine looks and accessible charm to this fourth scent in the Bottled line. Plus, and this is the second point of part two (see? We told you Boss is numbers driven), the bottle’s brushed, opaque black cylinder features embossed letters and a distinct, masculine presence, particularly when situated next to its three fragrant counterparts.

Hugo Boss, Bottled Collector’s Edition EDT is available for $90 for 100 ml exclusively at the Hudson’s Bay, stores across Canada.



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