Fragrance Of The Month: Dans un Jardin Eau EDT

This month? We try out Dans un Jardin Eau EDT…

It doesn’t really matter what language it’s written in, when you think of the word water in conjunction with perfumery, cool, serene, soothing and lush imagery often comes to mind. Maybe that’s why the name, the category has dominated men’s fragrance for as long as we can remember. Aromatic and fresh, crisp and bright, blue and salty, water’s descriptors are fluid and flowing when interpreted as a spritz. Including Dans un Jardin’s Eau pour homme’s soapy, drift-woodsy and floral aquatic rendition.

Loaded with mandarin, hyacinth and jasmine notes, Eau wafts a juicy, citrus, floral blend on first inhalation. Heady and inviting, these notes tantalize the senses, leading the way before being absorbed into a more secluded and warm pool of sunny amber with sensual musk. Sharp vetiver and earthy sandalwood round out the scent and the overall effect is fresh and invigorating with an undercurrent of intimacy embodied in a blue-hued juice.

Visible through the flacon’s glass cylinder, this cerulean elixir takes on a variety tones. From light and London fog tinted to indigo and navy infused—all depending on where the light falls between the clear glass of the bottle and the black label that wraps three quarters of the way around it. A black and round topper completes the scent. It’s textured band coursing through the mid-section, adding an aesthetic layer that is both masculine and seaworthy.

Dans un Jardin Eau EDT, $49.95 for 75 ml, available online at

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