Have Hair, Do Care. What You’re Saying About Your Hair

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If you think that men don’t care about their hair, you’d be wrong. According to a US-based study by the hair care brand Mereltä, men are very concerned about what’s growing up top, even if they aren’t always sure what to do about it. Here’s what your counterparts down south had to say.

You want to keep what you’ve got
Clearly. A whopping 62% of all of the survey respondents identified losing and/or thinning hair as a concern; broken down, 34% of men selected “hair loss” and 35% “hair thinning,” as most worrisome. Of those concerned about hair loss and thinning, the majority—41%—answered “I don’t talk to individuals about losing and/​or thinning hair.” Among those who do consult with individuals about losing and/​or thinning hair, only 26% of men selected “friends and family,” as their confidants.

Your scalp needs more TLC
Even though hair health is deeply dependent on scalp health, 72% of those surveyed are not using scalp products to improve their hair and only 18% are “using or have used a hair loss, hair growth or hair regenerative product.” Only 10% of men use scalp products.

You think hair products = shampoo and, maybe, conditioner
In terms of productpreferences, 84% of men selected shampoo and 58% selected conditioner.Ouch. (You know you need both, right?) The silver lining however is that you’re not using a bar of soap to get your locks clean.

You want more…but you don’t want to pay the big bucks
When asked what one thing men would change about their hair, if possible, 21% of men selected “more volume,” while 19% of men want “more thickness.” When it comes to what motivates your hair care purchases, 59% of respondents answered price, followed by ingredients (40%) and brand (29%); 52% selected a price range of $1-$20 when asked how much, on average, they spend on hair care products each month.

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