How To Minimize Sweaty Smelly Feet And Foot Odor

Above: Learn how to minimize foot odour for good (Photo: Artsem Martysiuk/Shutterstock)

Admit it, you’ve been there: cleared a room simply by taking off your shoes. And never mind what happens when you pull off your sneakers and socks post workout at the gym. You’re not alone. Sweaty feet are a normal. It’s how our body regulates temperature and prevents overheating and thankfully, for the most part is instantly washed away with soap and water in the shower.

As for your stinky, smelling feet however, here’s what you need to know.

The Why

According to Chahram Bolouri, the owner of B.Cycle Spin Studio in Montreal, there are many reasons why our feet sweat: physical exercise, heredity, diet, clothing and even, emotional stress. When this moisture is trapped within a confined space like your socks and shoes, it turns into the stinky culprit.

“Certain types of footwear can prevent moisture from evaporating freely,” explains Bolouri. “For example, cotton and nylon behave similarly to a sponge, preventing moisture from exiting. And this locks in the moisture, causing issues of discomfort and odour.”

The What

Because foot odor is a direct result of moisture, the best way to minimize the bad smell is to minimize the excess dampness. Simple enough, right? Mmm, yes, if you follow Bolouri’s moisture-reducing tips:

1) Change your socks throughout the day.
2) Swap your regular cotton socks for “manufactured versions with performance fabrics,” to wick the sweat away from your body, says Bolouri.
3) Remove your shoes frequently to let your feet breathe.
4) Wash your feet with soap and water on a daily basis and then, dry them thoroughly to “reduce the bacteria’s ability to grow in moist areas,” says Bolouri.
5) Insert odour-absorbing insoles into your shoes.
6) And believe it or not, exercise more regularly. “Improving your cardiovascular system can reduce your heart rate and improve your blood flow,” says Bolouri. “This is a key factor for regulating your body temperature and with it, excessive sweating.”

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