How To Achieve Picture Perfect Grooming

Shot of a confident young man looking at himself closely in the mirror at home during the day

Whether you admit it or not, your selfie status on Instagram, Snapchat, facebook and everything in between is often a point of pride. You’ve got your lighting down, know exactly how to curate each pic of a burger and pint with photos of the pooch and of course, your latest and greatest selfie. And yet, there’s always room for improvement. Just ask the team at Old Spice. They’ve got all the picture-perfect grooming tips you need.

Do your prep work
Yes, this includes showering and if a shave is what you want, then that too. Next, focus on your sweat control. Sure, no one can actually smell you, but that doesn’t mean you don’t want to feel confident and fresh. Because the more secure you feel the more relaxed you’ll feel in front of the camera. “Swipe on Old Spice’s new Ultra Smooth deodorant,” recommends the Team at Old Spice. “It’s dermatologist tested and provides 48 hours of odour protection.”

Add a little style to your hair
You don’t have to spend hours in front of the mirror, just a few minutes to add a touch of something, anything, to your hair. “Old Spice’s new Barber’s Blend collection of hair clay, pomade putties and more, come in a variety of holds to keep your hair looking its finest, but not like a try-hard or anything. It might not be able to cover up your home haircut, but it can at least keep it in place!” adds the Team from Old Spice.

Find your angle
The front-facing camera has never been your friend (it’s been known to add a double chin where we swear there isn’t one), but we know how to make the best of it. Simply test-drive a few angles with your smart phone until you find your good side – everyone has one.

Pick a spot
It sounds cheesy, but find somewhere with good lighting, a clean background and where your family, roommate or whoever you’re at home with isn’t likely to barge in. You’ll want your selfie to be taken in the best light possible. Pun intended. And if you’ve got a furry friend at home, invite them to the spotlight with you.

Add some vibe
You’re got your sweat control covered, your hair look intentionally carefree and Dan the dog is in position…what else do you need? Maybe a little extra vibe? A spritz or two of Old Spice Classic Cologne can do the job and give you the final two-one punch you need for your pic. So pick up a bottle and start spraying and shooting. “It’ll help you up your game,” says the Team at Old Spice.

All Old Spice products are available at Walmart stores across Canada.

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