How To Get A Custom Shave

Not that long ago, men’s grooming products consisted of soap, shampoo (no conditioner) and shaving cream applied with one of those great little bristle brushes. Today, according to Statista, the US-based statistics and studies resource, men’s grooming is a $22 billion industry and shaving is a big part of it with most men shaving approximately 20,000 times in their lifetime. Yet, navigating all of the new and improved shaving product options can be a little tricky. Here’s what the pros at Gillette say you need to know to get the shave that’s right for you:

It’s okay to be different
Based on the fact that men’s shaving needs can vary, shaving companies are pumping out a variety of razors to accommodate your lifestyle, shaving techniques and price point. “We know that no two men are the same,” affirms Dr. Kristina Vanoosthuyze, a senior manager for Gillette Scientific Communications. “There is often more than meets the eye and similarities we may see on the surface are often more distinct from each other or can be undone completely by differences in lie experiences and personality.” What does that mean for you? Know there is a razor to suit your shaving preference.

Wet shaving is your way
Shower time is a productive place for most men. According to Men’s Journal, on average you brush your teeth four times a week, use your Smartphone three times per week and even fall asleep two times per week—all in the shower. So really, it makes sense that you’d want to get your shave on in there, too. Choosing a razor with a handle with a good grip for maximum control, like the Gillette5 Aqua Grip helps safeguard against slips and slides that can cause nicks and cuts on your face, while still allowing you to get the exact contouring you desire. “It’s our mission to design, build and offer every man options when it comes to his grooming choices,” says Pankaj Bhalla, the director of Gillette for North America.

Comfort is your zone
Being on the cutting edge of shaving doesn’t mean actually nicking yourself while you’re doing it. In fact, using a razor with multiple blades scientifically crafted and spaced minimize pressure on and pulling against your skin to prevent this. “An advanced razor addresses both your skin and hair issues,” saysDr. Vanoosthuyze, adding that the right razor, like the MACH3 and Fusion5, have been upgraded with finer and thinner blades “to help ensure a smooth shave while minimizing the risk of skin irritation.” Other razors, like the Fusion5 ProShield are infused with a lubrication to further protect your skin.

Comparative pricing is your game
You’ve got a budget and you like to stay within it. Fair play. While some razors can cost as little as a couple of bucks at the Dollar Store, others can be upwards of $50, so knowing how much you want to spend and how often is key. Opting for high-quality refillable razors, like Gillette3 and Gillette5 cost less than $15, but don’t skimp on performance, so shopping around to know what’s out there always pays off. “We have a range of products, which means that we have a razor for every guy, “ says Bhalla. “This allows him to prioritize the features he values most, be it convenience, experience, comfort, closeness or price.”

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