Laser and Relax in 15 Minutes or Less

Waxing; you’ve done it. You removed the bear-like rug off your back before your boys’ beach vacation, had your legs done to accelerate your speed swimming times for the provincial championships meet and even, had your uni-brow separated before your brother’s wedding. But these have been unique, pre-booked appointments for special occasions. Well, it’s time to shift gears and start laser hair removal.

According to, last year reported a 300 per cent increase in men’s grooming beauty sales, while Euromonitor International predicts male grooming will be worth $1 billion by 2020. So what does that mean for you? It’s time to take your waxing needs to the next level and incorporate them into your everyday routine. Lexi Miles, the founder and CEO of WAXON Laser + Waxbar in Toronto explains how and why.

Why are men permanently removing their body hair?
“Why not?” says Miles. “There are so many reasons men are choosing to permanently remove hair. Laser offers little to no maintenance to maintain smooth, hair-free skin. One of the biggest reasons men are opting for laser services is because it’s a quick fix to a permanent problem. No more maintenance, stubble or irritation.” Men are also prone to ingrown hairs, as their sebaceous glands are deeper and oilier than women’s and shaving and waxing can often cause these painful lumps, not to mention breakouts.

Should men make time during their workday to fit in a laser hair removal treatment?
The short answer is yes. “It’s quick, convenient and efficient,” says Miles. Besides, who has time or wants to use their time on the weekends for grooming maintenance when it can be done any time and day, Monday through Friday. “It’s as easy as popping away from your desk for your 10-15-minute coffee break. You’ll walk back into the office one step closer to being hair free.”

Which body areas can be treated with hair removal in 15 minutes or less? 
The most in-demand waxing areas are the back and chest. Although other regions, like your groin, knuckles and stomach are gaining in popularity. “With WAXON’s laser technology, most body areas can be treated in 15 minutes or less,” says Miles. “Of course, if you want to treat your entire body in one session, you’ll need a solid lunch break, so 45 minutes.”

Can larger areas be treated effectively in quick 15-minute sessions?
“Our cutting-edge laser hair removal technology combined with the size of the optic on the machine allows it to treat larger areas in less time and all with a cooling tip to minimize discomfort,” says Miles. “Plus, it only needs to go over each area once per session because of the strength of the laser.”

How can men prepare for a laser hair removal treatment so that they can return to work feeling comfortable and without any pain or discomfort?
First and foremost, shower and shave the area the morning of their appointment. If you can’t reach the area, don’t sweat it. The salon will do it for you. Second,laser hair removal cause minimal discomfort, even the most sensitive of skin, so you won’t be going back to the office feeling any pain. “Our laser has a cooling tip that applies cold pressure to the area after every laser pulse,” adds Miles. “If you are treating a sensitive area or have a low pain tolerance, you can use our Bare Ease numbing cream and apply to the area 30 minutes before the service.”

How much does each 10-15 minute treatment service cost?
It varies on the area of the body, but most single service prices are below $300. “We recommend purchasing one of our BAR TAB packages. With our BAR TAB pricing, when you purchase four services, you’ll receive 15 per cent off; with six you’ll receive 20 per cent off and with 8 you’ll receive 25 per cent off.”

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