Live Stream: Hugo Boss Shanghai Winter 2013 Fashion Show

Watch the new Hugo Boss show as it happens in Shanghai on May 30th

Hugo Boss is presenting the Boss fall/winter 2013 women’s and men’s collections at The Power Station of Art in Shanghai, China and we’re streaming it live today!

On Thursday May 30th, the live stream of the upcoming collections will begin at 9:15pm (Shanghai), 3:15pm (Berlin), 2:15pm (London), 9:15am (Toronto), 11:15pm (Sydney) or 10:15pm (Tokyo). Watch for Taiwanese actress Lin Chiling and supermodel Jon Kortagarena, who also starred in the brand’s current “Shanghai Affairs” campaign.

Like what you see coming down the runway? Hugo Boss will be offering customers the chance to buy two exclusive looks straight from the runway.

So, sit back at your desk, press play and enjoy the show.

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