5 Suitcase Essentials For Business Travel

Above: RIMOWA's Rob Cochrane recommends the Topas Stealth Business Muiltiwheel for business travel

Let’s be honest, packing for any trip can be difficult. It can be so stressful that some of us just resort to throwing everything we own into a suitcase. But that’s not really a smart idea if you’re packing for business.

What makes packing for a quick business trip so challenging is you have to travel light. Most trips last a couple of days and you’ll need to be prepared for meetings, dinners and any events you may have to attend.

To make packing a little easier, Rob Cochrane, RIMOWA’s VP of Sales & Marketing, tells us what five mandatory items you should slip in your suitcase for your next business trip.

Slip-on shoes

“A great pair of slip-on shoes is a necessity for smooth trips through airport security, yet are dressy enough to wear to my next meeting,” says Cochrane. He’s right. Slip-on shoes are incredibly versatile. Not only will they get you to and from the airport, you can dress them up for any unexpected dinners and events you may have to attend during your travels.

Smart phone

Now this may seem a little obvious, most of us can’t even leave the house without our phone in the first place. But what makes this an essential isn’t so you can check your Facebook or update your Twitter while you’re waiting in the terminal (I mean you could do that too). Cochrane says bringing your phone is a great opportunity to go paperless. Have your boarding pass and travel information all stored in your phone, that way you don’t lose anything. It also allows you to check your flight status while you’re on the go.

A neutral sports coat

Just like the shoes, you need a versatile jacket that can take you anywhere but will still have you looking professional. Cochrane says a neutral sports coat is perfect for those unexpected dinner meetings or more casual affairs.

Airport lounge access card

The benefit of having a lounge access card is having the ability to work in a VIP lounge that is comfortable and quiet. That way you can continue getting work done as you wait in-between flights.  Even if you don’t want to work, it’s a great place to unwind after a stressful trip. “Since I spend more than half of my days on the road, it’s important that I can conduct business while en route. Having access to airport lounges while travelling on business is essential for me,” says Cochrane.

RIMOWA Business Multiwheel

Even before you start packing, the first thing you need is the right carry on. Rob Cochranes top pick (of course) is RIMOWA’s rugged aluminum business multiwheel, that will take you to and from the airport in style. It can be outfitted with an accordion divider system that allows you to neatly organize files and pack your laptop. Or it can be configured to a bag with divider straps. “It’s great because it lightweight and rolls on 4 double ball-bearing wheels so it’s easily maneuverable through small airplane aisles, and I can dash into meeting quickly without lugging around a heavy briefcase,” says Cochrane.

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