Men’s Style Q&A: Is Black & White A Trend For Guys This Summer

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QUESTION: My girlfriend just told me that black and white is a trend for Summer. Isn’t black a Summer ‘no no’?
Jay, Winnipeg

ANSWER: Do you even get a Summer in Winnipeg, Jay? Last we heard it was still snowing. Just kidding. Not really.

Your girlfriend is correct: the Spring/Summer 2014 runways were awash in black and white. And while your mother was correct to tell you that black absorbs heat and white reflects it, the truth is that if the clothing is loose fitting and light, black is actually more favorable. I’ll let you Google the scientific explanation.

The question you should be asking then is: To pull off this whole black/white trend, what should I buy?

Here’s the answer in the form of a killer outfit.

Kicks? The easiest way to adopt this trend is by picking up a pair of ultra versatile black/white sneakers. This will both ground your outfit and tie it all together. Our favourite is the SWJ NYLO HI 3 from Canadian footwear designer Sully Wong.

Printed tops? It’s all about the t-shirt; perfect on its own during the day and layered over on a cool evening.  Since prints and splashes and splatters are in, don’t go solid. Have fun with it, because this will be the outfit’s showpiece. This one from Sandro is mint.

Tailored cropped bottoms? A black, tailored pant in a lightweight material is definitely the way to go. Once again, Zanerobe’s Sureshot offers the perfect fit at an affordable price point, and the elastic ankle hem is perfect for sneakers.

Solid Jacket or DIY Denim Vest – You choose! Middle of Summer or not, ‘global whatever’ has made things pretty unpredictable, so it’s best to always have a layering piece around. There are a couple of options here. First, this would be where you could introduce another solid colour into the mix. Klaxon Howl makes a red twill car club jacket that would work brilliantly. But if you want to go full bore, head to your nearest vintage shop, buy a fitted black or white (your choice) denim jacket and cut the sleeves off. You can even personalize it by adding patches.

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