Must-Have: J. Crew Short-Sleeve Chambray Shirt

Above: J. Crew's short-sleeve shirt in Japanese indigo

Must Have: J. Crew Short-Sleeve Shirt in Japanese Indigo Chambray
Price: $102.00

Now that the tyranny and oppression of this God-forsaken Winter seems to be coming to an end, it’s time to start thinking about what to wear when warmth is restored to the land. And while you’re no doubt tempted to rejoice by purchasing tank tops and shorts, ‘bare’ in mind that no matter how much PBR you swill on the weekend or how fast your ‘fixie’ goes, you still need to look respectable come Monday morning.

So for your first Spring/Summer 2014 purchase, we recommend you embrace a classic, timeless wardrobe staple: the chambray shirt. Lightweight and soft, chambray makes a good, warm weather alternative to its heavier cousin denim. It’s also extremely versatile, easily dressed up with a blazer and chinos, or down with white denim and a pair of New Balance 574s.

We like this one from J. Crew for a few reasons. First, it’s short sleeve, which is both on trend and exactly how James Dean would have wanted it. Second, knowing that Japan’s vintage shuttle looms pump out top-notch fabrics, J. Crew sourced this one from one of the country’s oldest textile mills. And lastly, not only does it come in a tailored fit, it’s been dyed with real indigo, meaning that over time it will fade like your favourite pair of jeans.

Warning: Because of the last point, it’s prone to crocking, so wash it with dark colours and avoid contact with white until it’s worn in.

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