Must-Have: Saint Laurent Printed Silk Shirt

Above: Saint Laurent’s head-turning palm tree print silk shirt

Must-have: Saint Laurent Printed Silk Shirt
Price: $790.00

Last week at Coachella, Oscar-winner Jared Leto damn near wore his Prada Hawaiian print shirt to death. And who could blame him? It’s bloody-well brilliant.

Now that it’s graced the cover of every trashy tabloid around, however, we suggest going with something similar, yet less recognizable, like this gorgeous, aspirational piece from French fashion house Saint Laurent.

Boasting both the finest silk and one of the season’s best prints (palm trees), this short sleeve, button-up offers a classic cut, including a shorter body and straight bottom. Relaxed but not baggy, it’s perfect for sporting with with a pair of khaki, single pleat trousers and a car club jacket, or as the focal point of a tailored black suit. Rock star or 50s skirt chaser: you pick.

Admittedly, the price will scare off those without a mitt full of scratch. If you find yourself in this category, brands like Sandro, Levi’s Vintage and Hentsch Man have all done great versions at lower price points.

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