Old Spice Has Unleashed New Hair Care Line

Above: Old Spice expands lineup into men's hair care

Yes, Old Spice is the king of making your underarms smell as fresh and natural as a pine forest. But can’t they also wash your long, Sampson-ian locks?

Procter and Gamble’s Old Spice has released a full hair care product line as part of their “Smellcome to Manhood campaign,” complete with molding pastes, gels and 2in1 shampoos.

The campaign continues with Old Spice’s trademark goofy take on manhood: “One night long ago, as the warm glow of a full moon bestowed light upon a majestic mountain, a wolf was born in a thorn patch,” begins their description of one of their 2in1 shampoos, Wolfthorn.

“Then he met a lady wolf, had a few cubs, moved to a new cave development in a good school district and took a job at Old Spice in the 2in1 shampoo plus conditioner division.”

Pure Sport Shampoo (in Old Spice’s classic scent), Forge Molding Paste, Spiffy Pomade, and many more new Old Spice hair care products are on shelves and available online now. Unleash the beast!

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