Product Hype: Weleda Aroma Essentials Shower Gel and Creamy Body Washes

We have yet to leap out of bed when the alarm clock goes off. Like ever. In fact, we join the 57 per cent of North Americans Sleep Review Magazine says hit the snooze button. So we like a good wake-up shake-up in the mornings. Especially now, as we get out of summer mode and back into our nine to five routine, which as of recently includes Weleda Aroma Essentials Shower Gel and Creamy Body Washes.

The collection boasts a range of three aptly named mood-enhancing body cleansers, each one specifically mix-mastered with a blend of essential oils to put you in a particular frame of mind. “Pamper” Creamy Body Wash feels indulgent with its infusion of decadent and soothing rose, jasmine and ylang ylang extracts. “Relax” Creamy Body Wash helps us unwind with relaxing lavender, bergamot and vetiver extracts, while our favourite, “Energy” Body Wash reinvigorates our senses with ginger, java lemongrass and cedarwood extracts. We can even smell it’s uplifting scent on our skin long after we’ve toweled off.

Now, if only someone (hint, hint Weleda) could come up with an essential oil-infused alarm clock that could mist out a much-needed hit of feel-good energy, we might be able to get up and out of bed on time.

Weleda Aroma Essentials Shower Gel and Creamy Body Washes in “Energy,” Pamper” and “Relax,” $12.99 each, available this September 2021 online at

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