Spring Skin: Three Steps To Incorporate Into Your Skincare Routine

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Your skin has a life of its own, one that adapts to and reacts to different weather. Skin can feel drier in the winter months, oilier in the summer months and you guessed it, a combination of both during the springtime. This is because your skin is working overtime to adjust to the weather. To help you through your skin’s transitional phase, Brittni Alexandra, the founder of B.Beautiful studio in Toronto shares three steps you need to incorporate into your spring skin-care routine.

Step 1: Keep moisturizing even when your face feels oily
There is a lot of misconception behind oily, sweaty skin not needing moisturizer. Without a moisturizer, your skin becomes dehydrated and produces even more oil, which can lead to acne. “If you feel like your skin feels extra hydrated in the warmer months, then I would suggest switching to a lighter face lotion or face gel, such as one containing hyaluronic acid or any other water-based formula,” advises Alexandra.

Step 2: Switch to gentle cleansers
As the weather warms up, chances are good you’ll be spending more time outside and even, getting a little sweaty in the process. So it is inevitable that your skin will accumulate oil, dirt, grime and debris. “Switch to a gentle cleanser that is NOT oil-based,” says Alexandra. “And see your skin glow.”

Step 3: Never forget about your eyes
Eye creams and serums are something that should be incorporated into your skincare routine year round. Eye creams and serums act like extra moisturizer for your eyes and is necessary as the skin around your eyes is thinner and can become easily dehydrated, leaving your skin looking crepe-y and with fine lines. “The perfect solution to looking younger and illuminated underneath your eyes is a serum,” affirms Alexandra. She recommends, the Kypris Illumination Serum and Primer ($195, available at B.Beautiful and online at www.bbeautifulbeauty.com), as it is “packed with powerhouse ingredients to soften, soothe, and brighten the appearance of your eye area.”

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