Style Inspiration: 7 Best Men’s Fashion Instagram Accounts

Above: Some of Instagram's most stylish gents (L-R): Frederik Risvik, Jason Andrew, Matthew Zorpas, and Frederik Lentz Andersen
Style Inspiration: 7 Best Men's Fashion Instagram Accounts

Building a wardrobe can be tricky. Staying on-trend is far more difficult than it seems, and pulling off an exciting new piece won’t always lead to a home run. Maybe you’re a little less bold, and more comfortable with a classic look. That’s all well and good, but you still need to be sure of which staples to invest in.

Developing your new and improved look will take some time, and you’ll need some inspiration along the way. Forget about a style consultant, all you need to start with is your phone. We’ve compiled a few of our favourite Instagrammers, all of whom have nailed their own unique style. Give them a follow for inspiration, find the one that suits you the most, and start pulling off your own fresh looks.


Matthew Zorpas’ style is great if your office is strict on its dress code. Scrolling through his many pics will make you want to suit up regularly. If you have ample opportunities to rock something classy, visit Zorpas’ account for some great takes on classic fits.


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Co-signs from Virgil Abloh have helped to make Luka Sabbat one of the biggest streetwear models in the game. You don’t have to look schlubby in a vintage t-shirt, just look at Sabbat’s account. The dude doesn’t always play it safe though, so before you go copying looks piece-by-piece, take a peek in the mirror and see if everything suits you.


Hailing from Norway, Frederik Risvik likes to keep things looking clean, fresh, and simple. Risvik’s Instagram is armed with pieces that exist in a nice muted palette. If you gravitate towards more monochromatic looks, and love adidas Superstars, his account will likely be up your alley.


Poggy Kogi likes to blend colours and patterns that would deter most people. The creative director of United Arrows & Sons, boasts a wicked online shop with some killer pieces. One would normally stray away from statements like Kogi’s, so seeing it pulled off is something extra special.


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Jason Andrew  dons bright colours and loud hats, but manages to do so effortlessly. In fact, the hat is becoming his trademark. If you’re not into the wind blowing through your hair, grab some ideas from his Instagram account.


If you’re keen on mixing and matching, then Frederik Lentz Andersen is your man. The Euroman director dips his feet confidently in streetwear and runway fashion. Some of his best looks are when he wears pieces from both. Check out his account if you like the idea of adaptability.


Nick Wooster has been at it forever. The Instagram superstar rocks everything from blazers to blue jeans, giving followers a look for every occasion. He truly is a style icon, who emanates cool. Wooster always gives attention to up-and-comers, and following his account is a gateway to more inspiration. Who doesn’t want to rock a collar bar after scrolling through his pics?

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