The Essentials: 10 Must-Have Halloween Party Essentials

If you’re reading this article you’re either: a) tired of hitting up a bar on Halloween and drinking yourself into a drunken stupor, b) don’t have enough money to rack up a three-figure bar tab or c) are considering throwing a cheap and cheerful a party at your crib. If you answered yes to one or all three answers then Halloween house party it is!

Before you send out a Facebook invite to your friends and friends’ friends, check out this list of Halloween party essentials that you’ll need before any raucous revelry or trick or treating happens at your place.


The international symbol for Halloween is the jack-o-lantern and without saying you have to have a minimum of one orange squash at your crib to set the mood for your ghoulish house party.
Get it: Local grocery store.


As the host you can’t greet your guests sans costume, because if you want to set the tone of the night then you better dress the part. Halloween hosts who are pressed for time can purchase some pretty sick outfits online; from a $25 USD Superman costume to a Stormtrooper solider suit for $1299.99 USD.
Get it:

Extra Props

Although you’ve set the dress code for your epic Halloween throw-down, guaranteed there will be a few people who’ll show-up sans costume. Don’t let them be a spoil sport and hand them some – ahem – festive Halloween headwear to get them in the mood.
Get it: Michaels, Celebrate It Halloween Adult Headwear, $9.99 – $29.99.

Horror Movies

Just like a jack-o-lantern you can’t have a Halloween party without showing horror movies on your TV. From classic films like 1988 movie Child’s Play or 1976’s Carrie, to bodily dismemberment and zombie apocalypse in SAW (2004) and World Ward Z (2013) these flicks are sure to elicit a few ear-shattering screams from your guests.
Get it: Netflix, $7.99/monthly.

Candy Crush

You can take the kid out of Halloween but you can take the Halloween out of the kid. These snack-size Halloween candies are a definite must for any ghoulish bash.
Get it: Hershey’s 50 Snack Size Bars, $12.98.

Deadly Decorations

You can’t solely rely on one jack-o-lantern to keep up the haunted Halloween mood, stop at your local party supply store to pick-up spooky props to throw on your walls; we recommend skulls, fake cobwebs and ghosts.
Get it: Party City.


On October 31st wet the whistle of you and your guests with Great Lakes’ Pumpkin Ale. This seasonal, Canadian concoction is handcrafted combining specialty malts and hops, spices such as cinnamon, clove, nutmeg and most, importantly, a generous amount of pumpkin to suit the season. Bottoms up!
Get it: Great Lakes Pumpkin Ale, $4.95.


Who has time to cook when you’re buying pumpkin ale? Not you. Pick up the phone and order away!
Get it: Dominos Pizza, Pizza Pizza or Pizza Nova.


Should you and your friends want to bust a move on the dance floor, tunes like “Monster Mash” or Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” will help get them, and everyone else, into the Halloween spirit.
Get it: The Complete Halloween Party Album, Free.

Video Games

When dance floor drama isn’t enough to sate the supernatural revelry at your party, then it’s time to put people’s monster slaying skills to the test. Re-mastered with improved graphics and hair-raising adventure, Silent Hill HD Collection for XBOX 360 gives you a two-in-one combo; previously released on PlayStation 2, Silent Hill 2 and Silent Hill 3 games are included in this set and will give them blood, guts and psychological thrills to last well into the night.
Get it: Silent Hill HD Collection for XBOX 360, $24.99 previously played.

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