The Essentials: 10 Things To Survive A TIFF Movie Marathon

Above: 10 essentials to survive a TIFF movie marathon

The 39th Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF) is just a few days away and the electric buzz in the city has made you and your buddies decide, at the 11th hour, that you want take in the exciting sights and sounds of the big event and do a TIFF movie marathon. In order to do that there are a few things you’ll need to see the most hotly anticipated films before they go commercial, as well as spot your favourite Hollywood hottie.

1. TIFF Movie Tickets

Before stepping foot out your front door you need to get your hands on TIFF movie tickets. TIFF ticket packages are sold out, but you can still get your paws on single tickets or be adventurous and Rush the line at the last minute. Get it: TIFF Single Tickets (Adult), $24-$46.

2. For Your Eyes

One of the few side effects of a TIFF movie marathon is red, itchy and tired eyes for staring up at the big screen. Put a few drops of Visine in your peepers and you’ll be good as new. Get it: Visine Advance Triple Action Eye Drops, $8.99.

3. Go Mobile

With more than 300 movies being screened at TIFF it can be damn near difficult to know what is playing where and when. Download the TIFF mobile app for iPhone and Blackberry devices to plan your entire Festival; access full listings of films, show times, buy single tickets and more. Get it: TIFF Mobile App, Free.

4. Shoes

Waiting in a TIFF line-up can be long, especially when you’re rushing the line so it’s important to have a pair of comfortable shoes on your feet. Our default shoe of choice is the classic Converse Chuck Taylor with a stylish twist in all leather. Get it: Converse Chuck Taylor Leather Hi, $79.99.

5. Phone Battery

Never worry about your phone running out of juice again. PNY’s PowerPack 5200 offers a compact solution to recharge your device when you need it the most, up to two times! Supports: Android, Windows and BlackBerry devices. Get it: PNY PowerPack 5200 mAh Portable Charger, $59.99.

6. Jacket

It can get a little chilly outside when you’re heading to early morning or late night TIFF movie screenings. Zip up with this stylish and affordable jacket by Zara. Get it: Zara Faux Leather Sleeve Velour Jacket, $99.90.

7. Java Jolt

When you need to a jolt of java to keep you up and running after your fifth TIFF movie Bodum’s Anywhere Travel Mug will let you carry your java on the go. The vacuum seal makes it spill-proof, as well as keeps your cup of Joe steaming hot. Get it: Bodum® Anywhere Travel Mug, $35.

8. Sunglasses

In case you happen to randomly run into Jennifer Aniston or Salma Heyek on the streets of Toronto during TIFF – has been known to happen – make sure to look like their leading man by wearing Ray-Ban’s Aviator sunglasses. It’ll give you Tom Cruise’s Top Gun je ne sais quoi look. Get it: Ray-Ban Aviator Classic, $185.

9. Healthy Snacks

Movie theatres aren’t known for selling health conscious snacks and by the time you’ve seen your second movie and downed that bag of greasy movie popcorn you’ll be screaming for a piece of lettuce. Our healthy snack alternative is Martin’s Apple Chips; they’re low in calories, high in fibre, full of antioxidants and, most importantly, crunch like a Lays potato chip. Get it: Martin’s Crispy Apple Chips, $4.99.

10. Mark It Up

When celebrities run amok in the T-Dot grab their autograph with the ever trusty Sharpie marker. This retractable version allows for easy one-handed operation with a simple click. Get it: Sharpie® Permanent Markers Retractable Fine Tip (assorted 3/pack), $6.20.

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