The Essentials: 10 Things You Need For College & University

Above: 10 essentials you need for College or University

It’s that time of year; your friends’ backyard barbecues and patio parties have suddenly come to a grinding halt and you realize that in a few days you’ll be heading back to college or university. And to add to this jarring reality you’re not prepared at all. Yikes!

Never fear, we rounded-up 10 things you need from gadgets to gears to hit the books, ease back into campus life and, most importantly, have fun.

1. Laptop

Perfect for note taking in class, answering e-mails or surfing the web an up-to-date laptop will do wonders. The Dell XPS 12 has a great two-in-one combo acting as a laptop and tablet thanks to its flip-hinge design. Get it: Dell XPS 12 2-in-1 Ultrabook and Tablet, $1,299.99-$1,799.99.

2. The Notebook

Nothing beats having a good old pad of paper on hand should any of your gadgets decide to stop working. Moleskine notebooks have a long and legendary reputation as being the go-to brand for great artists and thinkers, such as Vincent Van Gogh and Ernest Hemingway. This pocket-size version will fit easily in your back pocket or book bag. Get it: Moleskin Pocket Ruled Notebook, $16.

3. Headphones

Audiophiles will love Sony’s MDR1R premium headphones when they’re rocking out to tunes in their room or are looking to shut out noise distractions. It delivers amazing sound thanks to its liquid crystal polymer film diaphragms and pressure relieving ear cushions. Get it: Sony Premium Headphones MDR1R, $299.99.

4. Beer Helmet

Every now and again you need to let loose; the drinking helmet is probably one of the best hands-free devices on the market. It holds two cans of beer, comes in fours colours, has clamps to prevent spilling and an adjustable strap for a secure fit. Get it: Urban Outfitters Drinking Helmet, $14.

5. Coffee Maker

Ok, so maybe it wasn’t such a good idea to chug back six plus beers at that frat party last night. As you awaken to greet Mr. Hangover you’ll need a serious jolt of java and the Nespresso U C50 machine will brew a steaming cup of dark liquid ambrosia in less than a minute. Get it: Nespresso U C50 U Pure Grey, $199.95.

6. Coffee Mug

Put your morning cup of coffee into this mug and the rest will be self-explanatory to your roommates. Get it: Urban Outfitters Sand Hangover Mug, $14.

7. Fitness Monitor

Keep off the dreaded “fosh 15” weight in your first, second, third and even fourth year at school with the Fitbit Flex. This activity tracker syncs with your phone via Bluetooth and acts a pedometer, sleep and exercise monitor, as well as calorie counter so you can track and maintain your fitness goals. Get it: Fitbit Flex, $99.99.

8. Word App

When you need to buckle down and write a novel length essay on William Shakespeare the Word Tracker App will keep you focused. The app has a built in timer so you track the amount of time you spend on each assignment and determine percentage completed; it also helps to keep your eyes on the prize, to finish this paper with your mental faculties intact. Get it: Word Tracker App (for iOS), Free.

9. Xbox

For amateur or hard core gamers the Xbox One will provide entertainment when you need to step away from your desk during mid-terms. You can watch TV, movies and sports on it, as well as listen to music and, of course, to play Halo or Call of Duty. Get it: Xbox One 500GB Console With Kinect, $499.99

10. Storage Safe

Sometimes dorm rooms aren’t the most secure place to store your valuables on campus but fret no more and pick-up a storage safe for your room. Having one ensures your cash, devices and important documents are kept safe and sound. Get it: The TabletSafe – Multi-Storage Safe, $59.99.

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