Watch 100 Years Of Men’s Swimwear In 3 Minutes

Above: Men's bathing suits from 1915, 1975, 1995 and 2015

Ready for another look back a men’s fashion? A new video from the people who previously gave us model Matt Watts wearing a century’s worth of men’s fashions gives us a quick look back at the history of men’s swimsuits.

Mode Studios’ new video chronicles the last 100 years of men’s swimwear from modest vintage swimsuits in the early 20th century when men were prohibited from baring their chests in public, to racy speedos in the ‘70s to dreaded long baggy board shorts in the ‘90s to printed trunks in 2015.

Watch the 3 minute 100 Years Of Men’s Swimwear below:

Watch 100 Years Of Men’s Fashion In Under 3 Minutes

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