Wes Anderson Directs Epic New H&M Commercial

Above: Adrien Brody in 'Come Together'

It’s hard to find a director in Hollywood with a style as distinct as Wes Anderson. The visionary has managed to stay uniquely himself over a span of eight studio pictures, while his framing and tone have been lauded by critics and parodied by fans for over a decade. The 47-year-old Houston native, has a truly impressive catalog, and much of this has been built upon his rapport with a select few stars. One of these is the Oscar-wining actor, Adrien Brody. The two have collaborated multiple times, first on 2007’s The Darjeeling Limited, then the animated Fantastic Mr. Fox, and most recently, The Grand Budapest Hotel. Hearing that the pair have teamed up yet again, shouldn’t come as any surprise – but finding out that they’ve linked up for an H&M commercial might be a bit of a head scratcher.

The clothing giant is prepping for the holiday season, by releasing a new, epic commercial directed by Wes Anderson. The short film is called, Come Together, and it stars Brody as a train conductor, who informs passengers of a massive travel delay. It spans a total of four minutes, and it proves to be enough time to show off the director’s infamous style chops, and even manages to preview the retailer’s new seasonal looks. You can watch the festive short below, via H&M’s official YouTube channel. Meanwhile, Wes Anderson is said to be working on a new stop-motion film, which is currently in pre-production.

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