What Is Dry Shampoo And Should Guys Use It?

Wondering what Dry Shampoo is and if guys can use it? (Photo: Shutterstock/Alberto Zornetta)

Dry shampoo is not some brilliant, new, life changer – It has been around since distinguished gentlemen began powdering their wigs. It’s also having a huge resurgence in popularity, and, if we break it down, practicality.

The oxymoron is now a staple in most ladies hair-drobes (my new term for hair wardrobe – an arsenal of products for a perfect head of hair). Dare I say this little product has brought down monthly water bills due to less time spent shampooing and has saved countless hours of blow drying and heat styling in turn. Still, most guys are wondering: what the heck is a Dry Shampoo, anyway?

Dry Shampoo’s main ingredient takes on a powdered form, be it talc, silica or a starch. Designed to work sans water, you can find Dry Shampoo’s in either loose powder form or in an aerosol spray. Sprinkled or sprayed onto the roots, the “shampoo” absorb excess oil and dirt and can be blotted or brushed out to give the hair a refreshed look and smell. A great option for any time strapped, busy bee, gym member, total scheduler who needs every spare minute they can find.

Women love it and guys are actually starting to jump on the Dry Shampoo bandwagon. After all, adding this product into your current grooming routine can save you some serious time.

Now that you know what Dry Shampoo is, what it does and how to use it, here are three exceptional offerings you can try:

Garnier Volume Extend Instant Bodifying Dry Shampoo

By far the most fruity and bright smelling Dry Shampoo out there. This particular product promises to keep your lack lustre locks refreshed and pumped up for 24 hours.

Batiste Dry Shampoo

Travel size to full size, XXL volume to dark hair options, Batiste is the UK’s number one Dry Shampoo for a reason. The various scents, sizes and levels of volume allow for a totally customizable Dry Shampoo experience.

Dove Refresh+Care Invigorating Dry Shampoo

No white residue, no hefty price tag, and no fuss. This Dry Shampoo is easy to spritz on and fluff through the hair and the simple white packaging means it’s less conspicuous in your bathroom cabinet.

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