Dos And Don’ts For Your Online Dating Photos

Dos and don’ts for your online dating photos (Photo: Shutterstock/StockLite)

Want to better your odds at finding a catch when online dating? We chatted with a few girls who’ve tried it and learned about some major dos and don’ts when it comes to the photos you post of yourself in your profile. What you may think is genius may actually be a major turnoff to the single ladies.

Do include at least one photo

No photo with your profile and you can count on very few women contacting you. While there might be a few singles open-minded enough to start chatting when they have no idea what you look like, you’ll have much better luck if you include at least one picture of yourself.

Don’t put up a shirtless photo

You may have the greatest bod, but leave her to discover that if you meet for a date. You can maybe get away with a shirtless photo as one of your photos if it’s in the right context (say, it’s a photo of you after completing a triathlon, for example), but don’t make that shirtless photo your main profile picture.

Do include photos of you doing your favourite activities

Show that you have interests and passions—your potential date may share the same ones or even if she doesn’t take part in your favourite pastime, your hobbies will give you two something to talk about.

Don’t include only selfies

“What, does he not have any friends to take a photo of him?” Ladies can’t help but think this if every photo is taken in a mirror by you.

Don’t include too many photos with women

Wanting to show yourself with ladies draped all over you is not the way to show you are in demand. A photo or two with, say, your sister or mom is fine (but you might want to identify them as such or potential dates may wonder if it’s an ex-girlfriend), but no more than that.

Do use recent photos

There’s time for her once you start dating to learn what you looked like some years ago. Right now, what matters to potential dates is what you look like presently. While you want to present your best self, make sure your pictures represent you truthfully, or you may catch her off guard should you meet and look quite different than your photos.

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