App Of The Week: Flow Free

App Name: Flow Free

Cost: Free

Available for: iPhone and Android

Flow Free is a super addictive game that requires a sharp intellect. The challenge? Simply draw a line to connect the coloured dots that match. It may sound easy, but there are tons of colours, and you have to fill the entire screen without leaving any spaces.

As you move to the higher levels, it gets increasingly harder and you may find yourself unable to solve the puzzle. Take a break, and return to it later. Resting your brain usually helps.

Because it’s a free game, be prepared for lots of “in-App” add-ons and advertisements. For the most part, ads aren’t too distracting and some of the add-ons offer new challenges and features to the game.

Be prepared… this game is addictive. You will find yourself checking it whenever you have a chance, hoping to finally solve the puzzle that had you stumped. The hours of enjoyment that you will get from this game are well worth the download. Best of all, its free!

Rating: 7 out of 7

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