App Of The Week: Reebok Fitness

App name:  Reebok Fitness

Cost: Free

Available For: iPhone and Android 

With the holiday season fast approaching, it’s tempting to just let yourself go. AKA Bye, bye summer bod.  But with Reebok’s newest fitness app, you’ll be looking and feeling your best all through the season. Reebok Fitness let’s users create customized workouts based on activities you love like walking, running, training, yoga and more. The app has over 200 workouts to choose from, which means tons of opportunities to mix things up and try new things.

Based on your individual preferences, the app will generate a workout routine for you to follow week by week.  It will allocate certain workouts to specific days of the week to make sure you never miss a workout.

Along with the app, Reebok has also launched ReebokONE, an online platform for fitness professionals.  Create an online profile, upload your photos and share your best workout tips with clients and fellow pros from around the world. Users who sign up also get a 25 per cent discount on all Reebok merchanise and swag, now who doesn’t love that?

So no more excuses guys, being healthy has never been this easy. 


Tanya Cruz

Tanya Cruz (and no she’s not related to Penelope Cruz, although she wishes she was) is a Toronto-based writer. She originally got into the industry for her passion for television, but has now found a new love for online. She’ll write about just about anything, but usually finds herself immersed in the world of pop culture. Give her a shout out @tv_cruz.

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