Samsung Antes Up With Galaxy S8

Above: The Samsung Galaxy S8 was finally unveiled this week

After a tumultuous year filled with recalls and safety concerns, it’s safe to say that Samsung has their work cut out for them. The tech company spent the majority of 2016 putting out some serious fires, and at the same time, managed to develop a device worthy enough to kickstart a proper comeback. Now as the yearly phone launches roll in, Samsung is looking to rebound in a major way. Yesterday, company officials finally unveiled their highly anticipated Galaxy S8 at a press conference in front of hundreds of industry experts. The new smartphone successfully turned heads and is already being praised for its sleek design, integrated AI, and an updated internal system. In all, it seems as though the Galaxy series has reached a new high with a slew of excellent features.

Easily the most noticeable addition to the Galaxy S8, is the elongated touch screen. Dubbed the Infinity Display, the glass has been extended to 5.8 inches and boasts an impressive fluid look. It’s a smart move considering the rumours that Apple’s iPhone 8 will also be equipped with a similar design. Along with the outward appearance, the S8 has been developed to include a force touch function that extends the capabilities of home button functionality. Aside from clicking and returning to a previous window, the force touch will allow unique and completely specific actions, again similar to that of the rival iPhone.

Perhaps the most impressive news to come out of the Galaxy conference, is confirmation of the phone’s advanced software. Not only will users be able to unlock their device with retina and facial recognition, but they’ll be able to do so at lightning speed. That means no more fumbling around to unlock your Galaxy on the move. Samsung’s new Bixby is also looking push the boundaries of tech with hyper intelligent AI. Bixby is able to operate separately from Google’s virtual assistant and can set reminders, search through pictures, and play with augmented reality. It seems as though Samsung is hedging its bets with Bixby and will continue to build upon the feature throughout the year.

For more information about the S8, you can catch up on the official teaser below via YouTube.

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