Style For You And Your Technology

Above: Leaving the house with tech-style

Keys? Check. Wallet? Check. Phone? Check. Laptop? Check. As time passes, the list of must-grab items when leaving the home continues to get longer. Not surprisingly, most of these add-on items are technology-based–because we ‘require’ more of it in our day-to-day lives.  More importantly, you cannot just grab a naked phone or laptop, like all your other accessories it must be styled accordingly.

Little Burgundy’s collaboration with Frank and Oak: Lendvay laptop case, $45.00

A laptop case communicates a lot about its owner. Don’t let yours imply something that you are not. Maintain a stylish but practical look with a streamlined laptop case. No need to indulge in too much colour or appliqué; the goal isn’t to get noticed but to look good. Unpretentiously cool, the low-profile canvas fabric provides secure protection without harming the environment on the way.

Roots: Mini Case Tribe, $78.00

A little dose of luxury goes a long way. This Roots tablet case speaks the language of luxe. Refined with simplicity, it is an excellent addition to any ensemble. Whether you carry it independently or keep it in a large carrying bag, a humble but acute impact will be made.

Nixon: Clear Jacket IPhone 4 Case, $30.00

The transparency trend only continues to flourish into spring. Why? Well, for many reasons. For starters, its futuristic appeal is hypnotizing. Secondly, it embraces our over-share, reveal-everything-now zeitgeist in a shockingly modest way. Thirdly, its clean look keeps in line with the sleek accessories that inhabit it.

Rudsak: Lacrosse Computer Bag, $345.00

Just because your bag is a safe haven for your techy pieces doesn’t mean it can’t have an earthy aesthetic; in fact, when the two connect a surprisingly cool image is established. Perhaps this tasteful result isn’t simply due to the juxtaposition, but also because technology and ruggedness both share an underlying element of industrialism—clearly witnessed in this Rudsak computer bag. Though raw and simple, this tool offers the wearer utility beyond what meets the eye.

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